If we were running a fund

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If we were running a fund that was more aggressive at the portfolio level (say taking concentrated 10% positions) I think we would have to play safe and be less aggressive on the individual names. Playing safe is not calculated to maximise returns..

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Think again. While the big names in the computer industry want you to think that you?re getting a good PC just because it has their logo on it, what you?re really buying is a low end machine that will be obsolete in less than a year, and in some cases, less than six months.

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The long range, piston driven Lockheed Constellation would be an instant hit when introduced in 1944 and would be a presence in the skies for the next twenty five years. With the advent of Howard Hughes as principal stockholder assuming control of TWA, the company intensified its role as the industry leader in aircarrier technology.

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